April 19- The Traveler

The Traveler

by Daniel White


Is this the life that I could have lived

Or could I have done so much better

Where is that boat I seem to have missed

Will I be stranded here alone forever


A traveler I am

A restless spirit within

One lonely wanderer

Waiting for tomorrow

I keep traveling


Was this the love I’ve never known

And will I always be filled with emptiness

There is nothing left to grasp or hold

As I drown silently in my loneliness


A traveler I prove to be

A little child within

One abandoned stranger

Hoping for a better tomorrow

I continue wandering


Am I meant to do this my whole life

Will I ever find the answers I need

I want to dig deep down inside

And rediscover the man I used to be


A traveler I am

A lonely spirit within

One desperate wanderer

Dreading what tomorrow will bring

I am the traveler


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