April 18- Lost Hope

I lay here in the night thinking
Of times of the past
I had high hopes.

I found you.
Then I lost you to death
Then I found a friend,
Who left me.

Then I found one more friend
Who also left me
Even my own brother had left me,

They all made choices that left
The rest of us alone.
Left me alone,

I had thought that I would
Be alone, but
When I did find these people
My hopes for an understanding heart
Grew. But one by one I lost those close to me.

Sometimes I feel like I let it happen
But I had no idea what was going on in your lives.
I wish I knew then.

Maybe I am to be alone forever
But there is a light in my heart
That is strong like a tree
That shines through me.
A light of hope
One that say “keep going,
Keep living. You will not be alone.”

I believe this light.
And if I am always alone
This light will alway give me company
And the hope needed.



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