April 20- To A Friend

To you my friend

I thought that we were going to make it

together though all this.


Remember when we sat at that table

We talked about how

our past and present seemed to

always be colliding.


We had both gone through

tough heart breaks

things that few people have had to deal with.

Because of that we had something


Though we never became close

we had a bond from those

collisions.  we knew what we both went

through and that gave us a bond

that I thought would always be there.


You said that I was stronger

That since you kept crying

that made you weak


Let me tell you a secret,

not one of us is strong.

We don’t get through things because we are strong

we do it because we have  no other choice.


The reason for my lack of tears?

I have cried a year long

with no halt. I have few tears left,

What’s left is only a silence never filled

and sometimes that feels worse than crying.


If you just believed that you could make it,

you would. but not from strength.

From necessity.


Because the secret is,

the truth is,

no one is strong.




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