April 20- One Moment

One Moment

by Daniel White


Bring me back now

To a much better year

To a time when everything was simple

Take away all of my fear


I’ve spent my entire life

Waiting in the shadows

But, somehow I survived

You heart I will allow


Stepping out of the darkness

I sense a bitter chill

Of love, hate and sadness

Each one I have fulfilled


Now I grasp for a moment

A life I thought I’d lost

Putting it all behind me

You help make me strong


Bring me back now

To that time I desire

When life was simple

When I was never tired


I no longer wait in the shadows

Now that I’ve found you

I look forward to tomorrow

What it will bring is true


I’ve stepped out of the darkness

I can feel a touch of warmth

Bringing truth, hope and contentment

Of all this I am sure


Grasping for that moment

Giving myself a reason to live

I’ve put all my hopes in front of me

I have so much left to give


Bring me back now

To that special time

Where I could sit and laugh

And tears of joy I’d cry


I want to share this with you

As on the present I reflect

My empty thoughts are now filled

With the good times we collect



This is definitely one of my favorite poems of Dan’s.  It was one of the firsts that he had shared with me.  He wrote it to symbolizes a important time in his life.  One where he had realized a truth that brought him joy and made him free.  This poem always give me hope and is something I very much cherish.  It was the poem that was chosen to be shared on the collage of pictures of Dan’s life at his funeral.  It was well chosen.




One thought on “April 20- One Moment

  1. youngandtwenty says:

    I love this.

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