April 18- Willing But Afraid

Willing But Afraid
by Daniel White

When death takes its hateful control
I can feel it blossom within my soul
Loss of mind, loss of sight
My time to leave will arrive tonight

Hold me down, don’t let me go
Take away all I have known
I will return to dust for eternity
Within a sense of quiet security

So many promises have been lost
As I forget important memories
In my sleep I turn and toss
And wave good-bye to everything before me

I’m willing but afraid
Death is soon on its way
Despair and anguish take their hold
I was young, but now I’m old

What more can I find
I cannot see, I’m blind
What else can I do
I will depart soon

I’m willing to live
And afraid to die
To my friends I will give
A final good-bye

I’m afraid to live
But, willing to die
My family will give
Their comfort and cries

I will now drift
Into the abyss
I love you all
As into the blackness I fall


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